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Infoca carried out an exercise (drill) in the Cerro Gordo/El Nogal area of La Herradura yesterday.

Over 65 personnel participated in the fire-fighting drill, simulating a fire that started near the parking area of Cantarrijan beachbefore moving quickly to the area where the housing estates are, affecting their only access lane.

This sort of circumstance requires emergency service to go to Level One category, as dwellings are affected.

In fact, this wooded area of the municipality, with its steep terrain and dwellings in the middle of a forested area, is ideal for testing reaction times and coordination between informslocal fire services, Protección Civil and police forces, as well as coordinating aircraft with ground operatives.

The Delegate for the Junta pointed out that the official fire season was moved forward this year because of the drought conditions (it’s been raining since, however).

The exercise began at 09.00h and lasted until 13.30h, using 25 vehicles, 65 personnel, including those from informspolice officers and Environmental Personnel.

(News: Herradura, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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