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A veritable geyser erupted in the centre of Granada last week when a water hydrant ruptured.

The incident occured during the morning of Thursday the 16th near the Arabial Roundabout. Workers managed to reduce and then stop the deluge of water, but not before some nearby premises saw a little water come in under their doors.

As can be appreciated from the photo, the water spout rose up the equivalent of several floors in height before cascading down.

The hydrant was being used by nearby roadworks to change the surface of a pavement on Arabial Roundaboutexplained the water company that serves the city. It is not known exactly what happened for the geyser to appear, or at least, they’re keeping quiet about it.

Whilst the workers were getting the water connected up and flowing correctly, nearby buildings were briefly left without water.

Finally, inspectors from the water company visited the affected, ground-floor premises to evaluate damages.

(News: City & Metropolitan Area, Granada, Andalucia)

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