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An opposition party in Motril is calling for the Mayor, Luisa García Chamorro, to resign over the use of party funds for personal use – again!

The PSOE Spokesman, Francisco Sánchez-Cantalejo, calls upon the Mayor to show the sense of honour that her post demands, as well as for the good of Motril, to step down, after reading a report from the Intervention by the Granada Provincial Council (Provincial Council Auditing Department) which reveals that the Mayor used party funds to cover her personal legal expenses.

The Mayor was found guilty in the first instance of using public funds to pay her defence cost in a case for slander. She allegedly first used 3,000 euros from the Provincial Council’s coffers and then 4,000 euros from the municipal coffers of Motril.

The PSOE Spokesman has called on the Regional PM (Junta) Juanma Moreno, (they belong to the same party) to cease her mayoralty and to prevent her running as a candidate in the municipal elections this May. If he does not, Councillor Sánchez-Cantalejo considers the PM will be an “accomplice to her behaviour.”

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