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The 12.5kg butane bottle in January cost 19.55 euros whilst at the moment it stands at 16.79 euros – not many are complaining about that!

The fact is that the cost of butane might go up or down on the open markets but in Spain the Central Government regulates the price through its Ministry for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge.

When the Government revised the price for the consumer in March, it dropped the price by 0.87 euros.

The price is the result of taking into account the price of butane gas on the international market, the cost of transport and, of course, the variations between the Euro and the US Dollar.

Now, according to the State Gazette (State official newsletter) the price cannot vary more than five percent either way in comparison with the previous revision, no matter what the external changes are. So, at the very worse, a bottle of butane could go up by 0.83% meaning 17.62 euros a standard butane bottle.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by these light-weight bottle (the ones that are aluminium or the ones that have plastic carrying handles) because despite their having less content, they cost around five euros more.

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