Busy Christmas Eve for 112

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During Christmas Eve the Andalusian, emergency call centre, 112, received a total of 364 calls just in Granada, which is comparable with last year’s 378.

Most of the callers were asking for medical assistance (184) and police assistance (80). There were 23 traffic accidents and 15 call outs for the fire service. They also had a dozen call outs for pet/animal rescues

As for Andalucia on the whole, there were 2,971 incidents dealt with during Christmas Eve and the first hours of Christmas Day. Sevilla, being the most populated province accounted for 795 calls, followed by Málaga with 585. The quietest province was Huelva with just 188 calls.

The next question would be when was the busiest time during that period and the answer is between 19.00h and 20.00h, when 157 calls came in.

The figures for Christmas Day were not available at the time of the writing this article.

(News: Andalucia)

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