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Whilst it might seem a little on the chilly side on the Costa Tropical, up in Baza on the altiplano de Granada (plateau) temperatures dropped to below 7-degrees Celsius.

The actual temperature registered on Sunday was minus 7.6ºC at just after seven in the morning; i.e., when it was still dark, according to the Meteorology Statal Agency.

Of course, there were colder places in the province, like on top of the Sierra Nevada, which registered minus-eleven degrees at 04.20h, which is hardly surprising.

Also decidely on the chilly side was Granada Airport where the temperature was registered as at minus 5.7ºC, whilst in other locations within Andalucía temperatures were also low: Espiel in Córdoba with the temperature of minus 5.3ºC and La Puebla de los Infantes, in Sevilla with a temperature of minus 5,2ºC.

Of course, in central and northern Spain, it was a lot colder.

Next week temperatures are expected to climb after this cold snap on the coast, just a tad, which is a bit disappointing because it makes a nice change to have a winter with winter temperatures!

Editorial comment: my cousin in Figueras in Girona sent me this photo from his morning walk to show his wimp, southern cousin what winter really looks like.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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