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During November and December, starting today, the price of a domestic, butane bottle will be 18.58 euros instead of 19.50 euros.

The price of this butane bottle, used in millions of Spanish homes, is regulated by the Government on a bi-mensual basis allowing a five percent swing either way.

For the last six months it had held steady at nineteen and a half euros a bottle, but with this latest price revision it has gone down by just under a euro.

It’s probably a good idea to fill your bottles from now until the end of the year, because prices are more than likely to go up, come the first of January.

The maximum price for liquid gas (LPG) in between eight and 20 kg (standard candy) is not liberalised but rather regulated, as explained above and its price is adjusted the 3rd Tuesday on odd months of the year; i.e., November in this case.

The price is revised according to the price of butane and propane on the international markets, as well as the price of transport and the exchange rate for the Euro/USD. Also as mentioned above, it can only swing by five percent and any excess or defect in the pricing is taken into account on the next two-monthly adjustment.

This month’s revision took into account that that there has been a ten-percent drop on the international markets, however transport costs have risen by 24%. The USD has also risen by 2.8% against the Euro. All this was taken into account to come up with the present price of a standard, butane bottle.

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