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The Junta de Andalucía is far from happy with a Catalán, regional TV channel, TV3 which broadcast an unflattering sketch including the Virgen del Rocío.

They are going to use the Andalusian, publicly owned, RTVA (Radio Television of Andalusia) to elevate a formal complaint to the Federation of Autonomous Radio and Television Organizations (Forta).

The satirical programme, It’s Happeninghad an actress dressed up as the Virgen del Rocío from the village of Almonte (Huelva), sat on a couch being interviewed.

“The Andalusian Government considers that Andalucía is once again attacked in this manner,” said the adviser to the PM’s Office, Antonio Sainz, claiming that the sketch had “provoke absolute indignation within the Andalusian institutions and the Andalusian people,” as it had “gone beyond the limits of humour and freedom of speech.”

He considered this paradoy to be a complete lack of respect for the people of Andalucia, their culture and traditions.

For these reasons, he has demanded an immediately and full apology from the Catalán Regional Government.

Editorial comment: Firstly, the title of this man’s office is the The Counselor of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification… where, precisely is the administrative simplification in that mouthful?

Secondly: It is not an insult to the “people of Andalucía” because most of them couldn’t give a damn, and thirdly, people are getting just a little bit fed up with religious people getting “offended,” when they consider that their belief isn’t respected enough. You don’t hear the Greeks and Scandinavians moaning about a lack of respect for Zeus and Odin, after all.

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