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The IU-Equo (Greens) in Motril is demanding a municipal tree-management plan because of the 30 trees that were cut down in just two days.

They point out that the present municipal plan, despite being able to count on private companies who look after most aspects of tree husbandry, has failed to manage the task.

Party Spokeswoman, Inma Omiste, said that her party put forward a tree-management plan at a Plenary Meeting of the Town Council in 2018, but despite the motion being carried, it is collecting dust in a drawer in some municipal office.

For this reason, her party is demanding again such a plan, as well as asking for more citizen participation in these affairs, as “it affects us all.”

She says that before any tree is cut down, citizens should be informed so that they can give their opinion on it.

With respect to the almost three dozen trees that have been cut down in just two days, she wants to see the report from the Parks & Gardens Department that justified this irreversible action.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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