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You know, it doesn’t matter if you don’t follow politics, because politics follows you; in the electoral outcome come May.

If you live in Almuñécar or La Herradura, for instance, the jostling for the Mayoralty played out in the roof terrace of Hotel Helios on the Paseo San Cristobal. The Mayor, Juan José Ruiz Joya, presented his team for the municipal elections.

In effect, the coalition, he announced, will be absorbed by his party; the Ciudadanos councillor will ditch her sinking party and join the ranks of the PP. Más Almuñécar, with fly in close formation with the PP but maintain its own ‘flag.’ And all this is to do with keeping Benavides out of the Mayor’s chair.

Councillor Beatriz González (C’s) knows that her party will disappear right across Spain, so her jumping ship is not surprise, but More Almunecar councillor, Luis ‘many-hats’ Aragón is slightly more complicated. He used to be Benavides’ right-hand man but they had a serious falling out some 15 years ago and the hate between them is visceral. However, he knows that his party still has ‘plenty of legs’ on it, which is why he doesn’t want to jump ship and because, more than likely, he doesn’t trust the PP.

The last PP unlikely ally, far-left IU We can also has a personality problem with Benavides over Fermín’s Tejero’s old business, Camping Carambolawhom Benny gave a hard, hard time. So you have a far-left party quite happily in bed with the conservative PP because of person issues rather than political ones.

With all this personal-scores-to-settle dragging the ideological direction of party off course, do they expect their followers to keep voting for them? I mean, if you are far-left minded, are you going to vote for a party that supposedly represents you political leaning, if you know that you vote actually ends up in the conservative pocket?

The same goes for More Almunecarwhich supposedly has no political slant other than for Almuñécar to prosper, but in reality it’s all about Keeping Benavides out – the trouble is, half of Almuñécar wants him in, which is why they need to join forces to prevent this. Whether than is Democracy, is another question.

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