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An admin clerk at Almuñécar Town Hall has reported two municipal police to the Guardia Civil for allegedly bullying and intimidating her.

She claims that they started bullying her because she refused to let them see a beach bar report, which the officers consider that the Mayor had given instructions to be kept under the wraps.

The clerk has been treated for anxiety attacks.

According to her complaint before the Guardia Civil, on the 9th of March at 13.00h, two police officers, one of whom was on duty and in uniform came into her office with a “defiant attitude.” A third officer remained outside the office. They had the document issued by the Town Hall, bearing her signature, refusing them access to the beach bar report .

They threw the document that she had signed onto her desk and “violently” (banging on the desk) demanded access to the report. They insisted that as officers belonging to the Policía Local they had the right to see the report. She told them that they had to apply for access through the Chief of Police or the Municipal Secretary.

This all goes back to the fact that the said beach bar was operating without a licence, which was reported by the police but which Councillor Javier García allegedly turned a blind eye to.

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