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Work has finally restarted on Almuñécar’s Plaza de Abderramán, next to the Peñon del Santo.

The original company that had been carrying out the work had not kept to its obligations, dragging out the task with, on many occasions, nobody or only one or two workmen on the site. The Town Hall cancelled their works contract and put the contract out to bid again.

Mayor Juan José Ruiz Joya said that the process of cancelling the original contract and putting a new one out to bid took a long time because administrative steps in the process had to be observed. They also waited until after the summer to avoid greater inconveniences.

Again, according to the Mayor, the work will take about four weeks. Other nearby roadworks are taking place on Guadix Street with road traffic being diverted, as well as along the Fat China Walk at the other end of San Cristobal Beach.

Going back to the Abderraman Squarework originally began on the 21st of March and should have concluded on the 30th of June with work ceasing during Easter when the town would be packed with visitors. The original building company had placed a bit for 155,000 euros, well below the 197,000-euro budget.

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