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Fire  personnel from Almuñécar have left to help out in the  search for trapped victims after the Moroccan quake.

The quake hit in the early hours of Saturday between Marrakech and Agadir.

As soon as official permission was obrained from the  Moroccan authorities, personnel  and dogs from the Arcón Method Canine Rescue Unitworking  through the BY GERCCMAleft for North Africa via Motril.

“Our unit  is trained for rescuing possible  survivors who are lying trapped under the rubble of collapsed  buildings,” explained the Almuñécar Fire Chief, José Luis Varela.

If all went without hitches they should already have been  at work yesterday afternoon/evening.

“Although we couldn’t begin  until we had obtained permission from the Moroccan authorities, we are aware that the chances of survival after 72 hours become much more complicated,  especially when the high temperatures in the area are taken  into  account,” concluded Chief Varela.

The participating firemen are José Antonio Cabrera Alaminos and Ismael Martín García, with their rescue dogs, Zeus and Maya.  It’s not  the first time that they have helped in quake disasters: Puebla (Mexico) in 2017 or more recently in Turkey and the  North of Syria this February.

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