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Three days ago, Infoca published information on how much land was affected by fires within the province during 2022: a total of 2,648 hectares.

For those that follow football and have an idea how big a football pitch is (roughly, 8,000 sq/m), that’s equivalent to 3,310 football pitches. Together with the loss of trees, 2,667 hectares of mountain-shrub land was scorched.

The publication of these figures coincides, more or less, with the recent fire in Albuñuelas, so this year, we are off again already. The Albuñuelas fire was close to the affected area from last year’s fire. It took two helicopters and ground fire-fighters to control it and finally put it out.

One of the major fires was the huge one that affected Los Guájares and Albuñuelas. Although investigators know that it was caused by human intervention; i.e., it wasn’t a lightning strike or sparks from HT lines, the Guardia Civil still haven’t come up with the culprit.

Although informs are active all year, clearing excessive vegetation near roads and tracks, renewing firebreaks and shoring up land affected by fires so that heavy rainfall does not carry away the unprotected soil, the summer fire-fighting campaign doesn’t begin until the 1st of June.

(News: Granada, Andalucia)

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