A Thwarted Abduction in Motril

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The Policía Nacional in Motril arrested two men for allegedly abducting a person in order to recuperate funds spent on a car purchase.

The two men, aged 34 and 54, have been charged with illegal detention (abduction), breaking & entry and causing property damage. The victim was apparently the mother of them person who sold them car.

The incident took place in Motril yesterday around noon, when a dealer in 2nd-hand vehicles, received a visit from four men who wanted to buy a car. After inspecting the car, the purchase price of 6,000 euros was agreed upon, a formal contract signed and the sum paid over.

Just twenty minutes after they left, she received a call to say that they now didn’t want it and that they wanted all their money back. She refused and they began to insult her.

Moments later she received another call but this time from her mother to say that there were several individuals in her house, demanding that her daughter returned their money.

She rushed round to find the front door broken open and the door jam semi-detached from the wall. She found her mother who told her how two men had forced their way into her home and dragged her out into the street in order to bundle her into their car — two other men were waiting in the car.

Allegedly, they intended to retain the woman’s mother until she returned the money. However, the rapid reaction of a neighbour who faced off the men, together with the imminent arrival of the police (the sirens could be heard approaching) prevented them from carrying this out.

The police later found the culprits in a car park in Motril and arrested them. They are being held in custody pending appearing before a judge.

(News: Motril, Costa Tropical, Granada, Andalusia)

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