A Love Scam with a Difference

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A woman was left broken hearted and considerably worse off after she was contacted by British serviceman stationed in Syria, or so she thought.

There are so many illogical things wrong with this false Romeo; the name, Syria… but let’s not delve into that.

This woman in Málaga ‘met’ this gallant British soldier online in 2019 using Twoo. At some point, he said that he had found jewels and riches in Syria and wanted her to have them but, there were expenses that she would have to cover in sending them to Spain.

The end result was that she first handed over 971 euros and then another 2,825 euros, In return she received only silence.

She, heart broken, reported this to the police, who investigated Mr Antonin. Not unsurprisingly (with such a name) the Romeo was not British, was not a soldier, and had never been to Syria but the biggest surprise about what he was not, was that he was not a man, but rather a Spanish woman.

It wasn’t hard to track the culprit down, because the bank account into which the money was paid was in the accused’s name.

The Public Prosecutor is recommending an 18-month jail sentence, a fine of 4,000 euros and compensation to the tune of 3,796 euros; i.e., the amount swindled from the victim.

Editorial comment: the victim was either very gullible or very desperate – probably both.

(News: Malaga, Andalucia)

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